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What Happens At A Urogynecelogy Visit

There are times in life when visiting a doctor is necessary to maintain good overall health and well-being. Regular doctor visits for some ladies are customary and they go regularly due to comfort, concern about health, or experience with being very health conscious and vigilant about their health. Many people put off visiting a doctor because it can be expensive as well as uncomfortable for the patient. Health care can be quite expensive as there are a lot of fees and premiums that must be paid and can be overwhelming. Others get anxiety about the prospect of being nude or touched by someone that they do not know well as that thought can be very stressful and distressing.

Women are recommended to visit a gynecologist at certain points to ensure optimum health so that they can have children and be generally healthy for their personal needs and desires. Seeing a urogynecologist can be quite intimidating for a woman that isn’t used to seeing one on a regular basis. Urogynecology is the medical practice of checking a woman in her reproductive areas of the body and making sure that all is well. Doctors will ask your period and pregnancy history as well as about sexual activity and so you should know in advance that those questions will be asked. Doctors will typically perform a pap smear as their yearly check up plan so that they can make sure that your female health and overall health are where they should be and that nothing is wrong or out of the ordinary. Pap smears consist of the doctor checking the female anatomy for anything abnormal and worrisome and ensuring that all cells are healthy and normal. A pap smear can also test for cervical cancer and that is vital to catching it early if there are any cells that are cancerous.

A lot of women are surprised to find that they feel comfortable and at ease with their doctors during this exam and that their notions of the process are far-fetched when compared with a caring physician that understands how important comfort and patient care is. The exam is usually pain-free for patients and they feel just fine when they are done. Your urogynecology doctor will typically also perform a breast exam so that they can check and see if they are any lumps or growths that could be cancerous and it is vital that they check so that if there is anything wrong it can be treated immediately.

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